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Have you maintained the polishing machine

2023-08-30 10:08:18

The utilization rate of mirror polishing machine in our current production and life is still very high, and its polishing effect is good, which has a good promoting effect for improving work efficiency. However, in order to improve the service life of the product, we must pay attention to a lot of basic maintenance matters, how to effectively and correctly maintain the polishing machine? Let’s take a look.

dish head and tank polishing machinedish head and tank shell polishing machine

First, control the speed. The working principle of the polishing machine is very simple, but in the use of time to control the basic polishing speed, too fast and too slow polishing speed is a problem, whether it is for the polishing effect of the product or for the polishing machine itself is no good, so in the actual polishing process to pay attention to good adjustment. The mirror polishing machine has a button that can manually adjust the speed, which can be adjusted according to the actual polishing requirements during the operation to ensure the actual effect and safety.

Second, master the Angle. The use of polishing machine still has certain requirements, in order to ensure the basic polishing effect, it is necessary to grasp the direction of polishing, as far as possible to keep parallel with the mirror, if excessive tilt or not placed well, it is also easy to lead to equipment failure and product problems.

Third, regular maintenance. The use of mirror polishing machine requires regular repair and maintenance work, and timely discovery of problems in the equipment, so that the fault can be eliminated in time, to ensure the long-term effective use of the equipment, and to ensure safety.

I don’t know if everyone has mastered it? Correct maintenance of equipment is able to ensure good production efficiency and extend the actual service life of the product

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