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How to use the polishing machine better?

2023-09-01 11:09:15

On the current Chinese polishing machine market, how to adjust the automatic polishing machine to better bring convenience to our work? Here we will make some Pointers for the development of domestic polishing machines.

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Tank polishing machine, head polishing machine, round tube polishing machine, CNC polishing machine, through the polishing machine are more common polishing machine, and any polishing machine in the operation of the time need a good adjustment to better use, there is no good operation, then the best polishing machine is not enough consumption.


When using the polishing machine, the operator to get the large polishing rate of the polishing machine is a key part of the operation of the polishing machine, the purpose of doing so is to use fast speed to remove the damage layer that appears when the item is polished, and to ensure that the damage layer has no effect on the organization of the workpiece, that is, it will not lead to the appearance of fake tissue. If it is to remove the damage layer at a fast speed, the abrasive used in polishing needs to be relatively coarse, so that the polishing rate will be relatively large, and the damage layer will be relatively deep.


If you want to avoid false tissue, then the material used in polishing should be very fine, so that although the damage layer is shallow, the rate will be low. In order to solve such a contradiction, it is necessary to separate the polishing of the item, that is, it is divided into two stages, first rough throwing and then fine throwing, after removing the polishing damage layer, and then using fine throwing to remove the surface damage, so that the polishing damage will be reduced a lot. If the polishing machine is used correctly, the return will be satisfactory.


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