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Medium-Thick Plate Deburring Machine



Technical Specification

🌏Processing width: 600mm, 800mm. 1000mm, 1300mm, 1600mm

🌏Processing thickness: 0.5-80mm

🌏Feeding method:

  •     Conveyor belt + rubber roller clamp feeding (applicable to ordinary workpieces. Workpiece length ≥150mm)
  •     Strong permanent induction adsorption conveying and feeding (applicable to carbon steel workpieces. Workpiece size ≥10mm×10mm)
  •     Vacuum negative pressure adsorption conveying and feeding (applicable to stainless steel plates, copper plates. Aluminum plates, etc. are not magnetically adsorbed. Workpiece size  ≥50mm×50mm)

🌏Lemon glue roller + rubber roller clamp feeding

Polishing Ability

The equipment can achieve one-pass processing to uniformly remove slag and burrs from the laser cutting, shearing, plasma cutting, flame cutting, punching, and machining of metal plates on one or both sides. It is suitable for surface pre-grinding, deburring, and rounding of holes and edges, as well as surface brushing and other processing techniques on metal plates.

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