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How to deburr machined parts ?

2023-07-12 11:07:49

Deburring machined parts is an essential step in the manufacturing process to remove sharp edges, burrs, and rough surfaces. Here are some common methods for deburring machined parts:

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Manual Deburring:


Use a deburring tool: Handheld deburring tools with sharp blades or abrasive tips can be used to manually remove burrs. Carefully run the tool along the edges and surfaces that need deburring, applying light pressure to avoid damaging the part.

Sanding or filing: Use sandpaper or a file to smooth out rough edges and surfaces. Move the sandpaper or file in a consistent motion along the edges, applying even pressure to achieve a smooth finish.



Vibratory tumbling: Place the machined parts in a vibratory tumbler along with abrasive media, such as ceramic or plastic media, and a deburring compound. The tumbling action helps remove burrs and smooth out surfaces. The duration of tumbling depends on the material and the desired finish.

Barrel tumbling: Similar to vibratory tumbling, but the parts and media are placed in a rotating barrel. This method is suitable for larger or heavier parts.

Thermal Deburring:


Thermal deburring, also known as “burnishing,” involves exposing the machined parts to a high-temperature and high-pressure environment. This process uses a mixture of oxygen and fuel gas to create controlled explosions that remove burrs. It is often used for complex parts with internal passages or hard-to-reach areas.

Waterjet or Abrasive Blasting:


Waterjet or abrasive blasting uses a high-pressure stream of water or abrasive particles to remove burrs and rough surfaces. This method is effective for parts with intricate shapes or hard-to-reach areas.

Chemical Deburring:


Chemical deburring involves immersing the machined parts in a chemical solution that selectively removes burrs. The solution dissolves the burrs without affecting the rest of the part’s surface.
The choice of deburring method depends on factors such as the material, part geometry, desired finish, and production volume. It is important to select the appropriate method and ensure proper safety precautions are followed. Additionally, consult the manufacturer’s guidelines or seek advice from experienced professionals for specific deburring requirements.

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