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Heavt Duty Metal Deburring Machine



Technical Specification

🌎Processing width: 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1300mm, 1600mm
🌎Processing thickness: 0.5-100mm

🌎Feeding worktable adsorption method:

  • Powerful permanent magnetic adsorption (minimum workpiece size 220*20mm)
  • Vacuum adsorption (minimum workpiece size 250*50mm)
  • Semi-magnetic and semi-vacuum adsorption

🌎Automatic thickness setting device: Four-column linkage synchronous lifting, motorized lifting with an accuracy of ±0.01mm

🌎Processing speed:

  • Conveyor speed: 0.3m-9m/min (variable frequency adjustable)
  • Wire wheel linear speed: 5m/s-20m/s (variable frequency adjustable)

🌎Full machine PLC control with touch screen parameter adjustment

🌎Equipped with wet industrial dust collector and flame-retardant dust collector for safe and environmentally friendly dust processing.

Polishing Ability

Equipment applications: Surface brushing, polishing, scratch removal, deburring, and edge rounding of laser-cut parts, stamped parts, waterjet-cut parts, plasma-cut parts, and flame-cut parts.

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