HOMENewsDo you know how to use the polishing machine better?

Do you know how to use the polishing machine better?

2024-06-11 04:06:40

Some issues that need to be paid attention to when using a polishing machine.

As the most commonly used round tube polishing equipment, the polishing machine is widely expected by users due to its simple structure design, reasonable design, good polishing effect and other factors. However, during use, there are always some factors that affect the working efficiency of the polishing machine.

The polishing machine can polish iron pipes, stainless steel pipes, aluminum pipes and other materials. The harder the material, the higher the brightness after polishing. If the length of the round pipe exceeds twice the length of the polishing machine body, it is necessary to install a guide wheel frame. Otherwise, there are only a few guide wheels driven by the machine itself, which will increase the resistance of the motor and simply make the motor heat up.

The choice of polishing wheel for polishing should also be based on different polishing materials, that is, to speed up the polishing efficiency without damaging the polishing wheel. Commonly used polishing wheels include gauze wheels, hemp wheels, nylon wheels, etc.

It is worth noting that the polishing depth should only remove impurities or scratches on the surface. Polishing that is too shallow has no length. Polishing too deep will cause damage and accelerate the wear of the polishing wheel.

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