HOMENews7 steps done! Teach you how to use a polishing machine for floor polishing?

7 steps done! Teach you how to use a polishing machine for floor polishing?

2023-10-17 02:10:41

Flooring is one of the most commonly used parts of a home, however over time it can become scuffed, scratched or lose its luster. In order to restore the beauty and smoothness of the floor, using a polishing machine for floor sanding is a very effective method. In this article, we’ll provide you with a detailed how-to guide on how to properly use a polisher for floor polishing to achieve professional-grade results.



Clean the floor: First, make sure the floor surface is clean and dust-free. Use a vacuum or mop to remove dust, debris and clutter from the floor.

Repair scratches: If there are obvious scratches or damage to the floor, repair them first. Use floor patches, caulk, or repair products to repair damage to the floor and ensure a smooth surface.

Choose the right polishing pad: Choose the right polishing pad based on the material and condition of your floor. Generally, metal polishing pads are suitable for hard floors (such as ceramic tiles and marble), while soft polishing pads are suitable for wooden floors.




Set up the polisher: Set the speed and pressure according to the polisher’s instructions. Typically, lower speeds and moderate pressure yield the best results.

Apply polish evenly: Apply an even layer of polish to the floor. Be careful not to overdo it to avoid polish buildup or excessive foaming.

Start sanding: Place the polisher on the floor and sand in a linear or circular motion. Always keep the polisher moving smoothly and avoid staying in the same position.

Partition polishing: Divide the floor into several small areas according to the size of the floor, and polish each area one by one. Make sure each area is sanded thoroughly to ensure uniform results.

Patience and Evenness: Sanding your floors requires patience and careful work to ensure that each area is sanded evenly. For stubborn stains or scuffs, you can increase the pressure slightly or sand several times.

Clean the floor: After you’ve finished sanding the floor, use a vacuum or mop to remove any remaining polish and debris from the surface. Make sure the floor is dry before use.

Waxing or sealing wax (optional): If desired, waxing or sealing wax can be applied after the floor has been sanded. Choose the appropriate wax based on the floor material and follow the wax instructions.



While using the polisher, make sure the room is well ventilated to avoid the adverse health effects of the polish.

Avoid leaving the polisher in the same position to avoid excessive wear on the floor surface.

Follow your polisher’s instructions and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for care and maintenance.


Excellent polishing machine
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Floor polishing with a polisher is an effective way to improve the appearance and smoothness of your floors. Proper technique and choosing the right polishing pad can help you achieve professional-level results. Remember to clean and repair before proceeding, sand patiently and meticulously, and perform proper cleaning and maintenance after completion to ensure the floor’s lasting beauty.

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