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5 major factors affecting the polishing effect of tank polishing machine

2023-10-19 01:10:02

Polishing machine model and parameter settings

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Polishing material selection
Different types of polishing materials will also have a significant impact on the polishing effect of the tank polishing machine. Certain abrasive materials, such as diamond, aluminum oxide, etc., have higher hardness and grinding properties, and can more effectively remove surface stains, scratches, rust, etc. Other materials such as fiber felt, sponge blocks, etc. are more suitable for improving the gloss and smoothness of the oil tank surface. Therefore, when polishing oil tanks, different abrasive materials need to be selected according to specific purposes.


Grinding disc selection
The type and size of the grinding disc is also one of the important factors affecting the polishing effect. Different shapes and hardnesses of grinding discs can be suitable for different polishing tasks, such as surface scratches and rust treatment, rough surface smoothing, minor defects repair, etc. In addition, the size and density of the grinding disc will also have a direct impact on the polishing effect and speed. Therefore, when choosing a grinding disc, you need to choose the appropriate type and size based on the actual polishing requirements.


tank polishing and buffing machine


Surface condition and material of oil tank
The surface condition and material of the oil tank will also have a significant impact on the polishing effect. Whether there are scratches, rust, oxidation and other problems on the surface, as well as the materials and quality used, will directly affect the difficulty and effect of polishing. Therefore, before polishing, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive inspection of the oil tank surface, and select the appropriate polishing machine and grinding materials according to different materials and conditions.

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