HOMENewsXinyida tank and dished end polishing machine.

Xinyida tank and dished end polishing machine.

2024-03-29 03:03:57

Do you know the working principle of the tank and dished end polishing machine?

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1)General Introduction of Equipment

The tank, head abrasive belt, and thousand impeller interchangeable grinding heads can polish different workpieces such as the tank and head respectively. Use abrasive belts of different particle sizes for polishing to meet different polishing requirements. GHS dust collector can be installed.

2)Field of application

Widely used in the polishing of stainless steel workpieces in the fields of medical chemical industry, environmental protection purification, food and beverage, water supply filtration, etc.

3)Features of the machine

Using abrasive belt grinding, it has high efficiency, low noise and less dust. Using thousand impeller polishing, a mirror effect can be achieved. The integrated polishing machine can polish and grind different workpieces such as tanks, heads, cones, etc. Use an abrasive belt grinding head to achieve a processing accuracy Ra of less than or equal to 0.2MM for workpiece rotation, further improving work efficiency.

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