HOMENewsWhat should I do if the external rust removal and polishing machine for round tubes is noisy?

What should I do if the external rust removal and polishing machine for round tubes is noisy?

2024-04-16 04:04:16

How to solve the problem of polishing machine noise?

During the grinding and polishing process of using the round pipe external rust removal and polishing machine, the machine will produce large or small noises, which will not only affect the working mood, but also affect the work efficiency and workpiece effect. So how to reduce the noise of the polishing machine?

1. During construction, in order to reduce the impact of noise on the human body, operators can wear corresponding protective tools. However, this is only a temporary solution. If you want to cure the root cause, you still need to strengthen the inspection and maintenance of the polishing machine equipment.

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2. There are many reasons for the noise produced by the round tube external rust removal and polishing machine. You can check the components that are prone to noise in order to find the source of the noise and repair it. For example, if the motor is damaged, replace the motor; if it is dynamically unstable, adjust the grinding machine. The width of the cut and the rotation speed of the grinding head of the polishing machine; if the bearing is damaged, replace the bearing, etc.

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3.In addition, it should be noted that some noise may be caused by the failure of the polishing machine. Therefore, when using the polishing machine, it is necessary to distinguish whether the sound of the equipment is the sound of the machine itself or other sounds. If the sound is abnormal, it is necessary to check Problems should be solved in time to avoid affecting use.

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