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Universal Roller Metal Deburring Machine




Technical Specification

Precessing width: 600mm 800mm 1000mm 1300mm 1600mm

Processing thickness :0.5-100mm 

Feeding table adsorption method: strong permanent magnetic adsorption (minimum sizeof the workpiece : 20*20), vacuum adsorption (minimum size of the workpiece ≥ 50*50).semi-magnetic and sems-vacuumm adsorpton

Automatic thickness setting device: synchronous lifting of four-column connecting rods.lifting servo motor lifting accuracy ± 0.0lmm

Processing speed: conveying speed 0,3m-9mVmin (frequency conversion adjustable)Thousand wire wheel speed 5m's-20my's (frequency conversion adjustable)

The whole machine plc controls the touch screen to adjust paramatersConfigure wet industrial dust collactor or pulse flame retardant dust collector to processdust to achieve safe and environmentally friendly production

Polishing Ability

The equipment is used in surface drawing, polishing, descratching, deburring, and obtuseangle of laser cutting parts, stamping parts, water jet cutting, plasma cutting parts andfame outtng parts

Product Description

The universal roller brush structure, with the abrasive roller brush rotating at high speed, rubs and taps the edges of the workpiece surface, making the contours around the surface and within the holes smooth and rounded, resulting in a chamfered effect.

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