HOMENewsThe working principle of LNG cylinder polishing machine.

The working principle of LNG cylinder polishing machine.

2024-03-20 04:03:27

Do you know how to better use LNG cylinder polishing machine?

1)General Introduction of Equipment

Equipment and conveyor line connection. The gas cylinder enters the loading part of the cylinder polishing machine through the conveyor line. The cylinder section polishing adopts horizontal automatic passing method. The barrel section is driven by a motor directly connected to the reducer to drive the roller to rotate, making the cylinder spiral forward. Several polishing heads grind the surface of the cylinder in sequence from coarse to fine.

2)Field of application

It is suitable for polishing the surface of LNG cylinder sections and meets the needs of mass production of various sizes.

3)Features of the machine

Adjustable connection, the feeding rack is smoothly connected to the production line. The workpiece automatically rotates and advances, and continuous induction polishing meets the needs of mass production. The fully enclosed cover and openable viewing window adopt pulse filter cartridge dust removal, which meets environmental protection requirements.

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