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Tank shell polishing machine -2500



🌎Stainless steel tank shell polishing machine designed by XINYIDA Polishing Machine.
🌏Suitable for Tank and Pressure Vessel φ800mm-3000mm inside and outside buffing.
Optional tank rolling table load range: 1-20 tons.
🌏Tank and Pressure Vessel Finishes.
Highly reflective surface obtained with the the combination of different abrasive belts. Minimal grit lines.
Used where product-contact surfaces are critical. RA Range: <0.2.

 benefit of using a metal polishing machine is consistency. Hand polishing can result in inconsistencies in the surface finish, particularly when different people are working on the same object. A machine, on the other hand, can provide a much more uniform finish across the entire surface. This is particularly important in industries where precision and consistency are critical, such as in the production of medical devices or aerospace components.

Furthermore, a metal polishing machine can provide a range of different finishes, from mirror-like surfaces to brushed or satin finishes. This allows manufacturers to customize the finish to meet the specific needs of the product or customer. By offering a variety of finishes, manufacturers can add value to their products and appeal to a wider range of customers.

Finally, using a metal polishing machine can also be safer for workers. Hand polishing can result in repetitive strain injuries, particularly when it comes to larger or heavier objects. A polishing machine, on the other hand, can reduce the physical strain on workers and provide a safer working environment. This can be particularly important for manufacturers who are looking to improve their health and safety practices.

Technical Specification

  • Model:XYD-1

  • Working mode: Semi-automatic 

  • Beam move stroke 2500mm(Determine polishing length)

  • Polishing belt and wheel can be exchanged.

  • Polishing motor:4 or 5.5kw  Brand: WANNA

  • VFD Brand:zhongchen/DELTA

  • Circuit part:Schneider

Polishing Ability

  • Tank diameter:1000-5000mm

  • Tank length:5000mm

  • Tank weight:optional

  • Tank shell polishing only

  • Polishing tank shell inside and outside

  • Get matt,bright and mirror finish

  • Efficiency:10-12㎡/h

Product Description

This model can polish and grind for the different work piece of tank and grinding head through the different the grinding head of impeller then to meet the demand of polishing. The head polishing machine is extensive apply for the polishing of work piece in the range of medical, chemical, environmental purification, food and beverage, water filtration, etc.

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