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Tank shell and dish head polishing machine



Tank shell and dish head polishing machine consists of a beam, a column, a base, a tank grinding head, a grinding head for dished end, a tank rolling table, a dished end rolling table, a control cabinet and other components. Suitable for tank with diameter φ800mm-3000mm, dished end with diameter φ500mm-3000mm inside and outside polishing, optional dished end’s turntable load range: 1-20 tons.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Polishing Equipment

Material – Different materials require different types of polishing equipment. For instance, metals may require more aggressive polishing than plastics or ceramics.

Surface Area – The size of the surface you need to polish will determine the type of machine you need. A handheld polisher is suitable for small areas, while a floor polisher is ideal for larger surfaces.

Finish – The type of finish you want to achieve will determine the type of polishing pad or wheel you need. Coarser pads are suitable for removing scratches or blemishes, while finer pads are ideal for achieving a high gloss finish.

Speed – The speed of the machine can affect the finish and the time it takes to complete the project. A faster machine may achieve a better finish, but it requires more skill and experience to use.

Technical Specification

  • Model:XYD 2-IN-1 (XYD-YT)

  • Working mode: Semi-automatic 

  • Beam move stroke 2500mm(Determine polishing length)

  • Polishing belt and wheel can be exchanged.

  • Polishing motor:4 or 5.5kw  Brand: WANNA

  • VFD Brand:zhongchen/DELTA

  • Circuit part:Schneider

  • Machine color: Grey,Blue,Red,Orange

Polishing Ability

  • Tank diameter:300-3000mm

  • Tank length:5000mm

  • Tank weight:optional

  • Dished end diameter:400-3000mm

  • Dished end Hight:800mm

  • Dished end weight:optional

  • Both Tank and dished ends polishing

  • Polishing tank shell and dished end inside and outside

  • Get matt,bright and mirror finish

  • Efficiency:10-12㎡/h

  • Tank and dished end cannot be polished at the same time

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