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Stainless Steel Flat Plate Polishing Machine with CNC System



XINYDIA Flat plate polishing machine (double grinding head water throwing, cooling water filtration cycle using environmentally friendly economy, cooling and polishing heat deformation is small)
Grinding head: main motor power 11/14KW, double speed, 2 sets
Total weight of equipment: 3500KG, dimension: 5200x2000x1400(L*W*H, in mm)
Applicable processing workpiece range: width: 2000mm, the supplier provides 22kg track length 6m, the buyer needs to ensure the ground level (ground level 1000:1) with the installation, and prepare the workpiece platform.

Technical Specification

Machine dimension L*W*H(in: mm): 5200*2000*1400
Machine weight 3500KGS
Input power 14KW
Control system PLC/CNC
Polishing materials Abrasive Belt, Nylon Wheel, Cloth Wheel, Thousand Impeller, and etc.
Machining accuracy surface roughness Ra0.4μm
Producing efficiency 8m2/h
Motor Protect Stage IP65

Polishing Ability

Workpiece size Max. length 6000mm
Max. Width 2000mm
Max. Weight 20T

Product Description

  1. Designed Duo-Grinding heads with wet polishing
  2. Water circulation filtration system
  3. Waterproof protection for motors
  4. PLC/CNC controlle

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