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This equipment features a diamond hammer structure arranged laterally. Small hammers on both sides strike the workpiece slag, removing slag produced after surface cutting.

Two slag-cleaning hammer mechanisms remove slag particles from the workpiece surface. The diamond hammers make horizontal contact with the workpiece surface to strike the slag, ensuring through-feed processing without compromising the dimensional accuracy of the workpiece.

Technical Specification

Equipment width: 400mm, 600mm, 800mm, 1000mm, 1300mm
Conveying method: conveyor belt + rubber pressure rollers
Worktable adsorption method: permanent magnetic adsorption (workpiece ≥220×20mm), vacuum adsorption (workpiece ≥250×50mm)
Automatic thickness setting: four-column synchronous lifting linkage, thickness digitally set on the screen and automatically positioned

Polishing Ability

Deburring and edge rounding of parts before and after laser cutting, and removal of scale and oxide layers.

Structure option: single belt, double belt,signle belt&flap wheel.

Controlled by PLC.

Product Description

Abrasive belt: The abrasive belt rotates at high speed driven by the grinding motor, performing brushing, polishing, and slag removal on the workpiece surface.
Universal roller: The wire brush abrasive rotates at high speed (self-rotation) and revolves 360°, grinding the 90° edges of the workpiece, making the contours around the surface and within the holes smooth and rounded, resulting in a chamfered effect.
Equipment applications: Surface brushing, polishing, defect removal, deburring, and edge rounding of laser-cut parts, stamped parts, waterjet-cut parts, plasma-cut parts, and flame-cut parts.

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