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LNG Air Tank Polishing Machine with CNC System



Polishing of the outer surface of the LNG cylinder barrel. The equipment is connected to the conveying line, and the gas cylinder enters the loading mechanism of the barrel polishing machine through the conveying line. The barrel section is polished by the horizontal automatic passage mode, and the motor is directly connected to the reducer to drive the roller to rotate, thereby driving the barrel section to advance spirally.

The polishing head adopts the electric screw to pre-adjust the upper and lower positions of the grinding head, and the manual screw is required to adjust the position of the driven wheel to adapt to the cylinder of different diameters.

The grinding head pre-presses the surface of the cylinder section through the constant pressure device, and the barrel section is spiraled. During the advancement process, the polishing head continuously grinds the surface of the barrel section, thereby realizing the polishing function of the barrel section surface.

Technical Specification

Machine dimension L*W*H(in: mm): 9200 *1500 * 1500
Machine weight 4500KGS
Input power 30KW
Control system PLC/CNC
Polishing materials Nylon Wheel, Cloth Wheel, Thousand Impeller, and etc.
Thousand Impeller specs φ250mm*50mm
Machining accuracy surface roughness Ra0.3μm
Climbing pressure Pre-pressed cylinder
Conveyor line speed 8 m/min

Polishing Ability

Diameter φ506-656mm,
Surface roughness Ra0.3 µm
Max. weight 300KG
Max. length 2300mm

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