HOMENewsHow to better utilize polishing machines?

How to better utilize polishing machines?

2024-03-12 02:03:24

Do you know how to better utilize polishing machine?

In the current Chinese polishing machine market, what adjustments are needed to optimize the performance of automatic polishing machines for our work? Below, we provide some guidance regarding the development of domestic polishing machines.

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1>a good operation

Tank body polishing machines, head polishing machines, round tube polishing machines, CNC polishing machines, and through-feed polishing machines ,they are common types of polishing machines. However, any polishing machine requires proper adjustments ,if you wanna achieve optimal performance. Without effective operation, even the best polishing machine may not be fully utilized.

2>high polishing rate

When using a polishing machine, obtaining a high polishing rate is a key aspect of operating the machine. The purpose is to quickly remove the damage layer that occurs during the polishing process ,we also need to sure this damage layer has no adverse effects on the workpiece’s structure, avoiding the occurrence of false tissue. To achieve a fast removal of the damage layer, coarser abrasives need to be used during polishing, resulting in a higher polishing rate, and the damage layer will be relatively deeper.

3>The polishing material is fine enough

If the goal is to prevent false tissue, finer materials should be used during polishing. Although this results in a shallower damage layer, the rate will be lower. To address this contradiction, the polishing process can be divided into two stages: rough polishing followed by fine polishing. After removing the damage layer during rough polishing, fine polishing is used to eliminate surface damage, reducing overall polishing damage. Proper use of the polishing machine can yield satisfactory results.

4>Trustworthy manufacturer

Anhui Xinyida is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production, sales, and technical service of mechanical polishing equipment. the company holds multiple national patents. Products are exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America, and the Middle East, earning high praise and recognition from a wide range of users. Your visit is welcomed!

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