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How does a polishing machine deal with surface scratches?

2023-10-08 03:10:16

A polisher is a commonly used tool used to treat scratches and blemishes on a variety of surfaces. It mechanically repairs surface defects by rotating a polishing disc or polishing head and using appropriate abrasives. Polishing machines are a very effective technique for scratched surfaces that need to be repaired.


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First, preparation is very important. Before using the polisher, the surface needs to be cleaned to ensure that no dust, grease or other impurities are present. This prevents further scratches from being introduced during the polishing process. In addition, it is also critical to select the appropriate polishing machine model, polishing disc and abrasive according to the actual situation to ensure that the expected repair effect can be achieved.


Next comes the grinding step. First, apply appropriate abrasive to the polishing disc and secure the polishing disc to the polishing machine. Then, place the polisher on the surface to be treated, start the polisher, and rotate at the appropriate speed. At the same time, keep the polishing machine at a stable angle and pressure so that the abrasive is in full contact with the surface scratches. Maintain an even grinding action by continually moving the polisher until the scratch is repaired.


During the polishing process, you need to choose the appropriate abrasive based on the severity and type of scratch. For shallow, fine scratches, a finer abrasive can be used; for deeper scratches, a coarser abrasive is required for a more thorough repair.


After finishing grinding, perform a finish check. Use a clean cloth or paper towel to wipe the surface and carefully observe whether the scratches are completely removed. If the scratch is not completely repaired, you can repeat the above steps until the desired repair effect is achieved.


Finally, the post-processing work of polishing and polishing machines is carried out. Using the appropriate polish and polishing disc, buff the surface to restore its shine and smoothness. Polishing machine post-processing includes cleaning the polishing machine and tools and keeping them properly for next use.


To sum up, a polisher is a very effective tool for treating surface scratches and blemishes. The correct selection of the appropriate polishing machine model, abrasives and polishing discs, coupled with correct operating techniques, can help polishers repair surface scratches efficiently and restore the original smooth and perfect appearance of the item.


How to choose the right polishing machine

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