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Hot Sale Xinyida Automatic Tank Polishing Machine with Siemens CNC



In the manufacturing industry, precision is essential. Companies that produce high-quality products require precision in every aspect of their operations. One crucial aspect is the polishing of products. The polishing process is vital in creating a finished product that meets the desired quality standards. As technology advances, companies are turning to computer numerical control (CNC) machines to achieve the level of precision required for their products.

Technical Specification

Machine dimension L*W*H(in: mm): 3800*1600*3080
Machine weight 2500KGS
Input power 8KW
Control system PLC/CNC
Polishing materials Abrasive Belt, Nylon Wheel, Cloth Wheel, Thousand Impeller, and etc.
Machining accuracy surface roughness Ra0.4μm
Producing efficiency 8m2/h

Polishing Ability

Workpiece size Diameter 800mm-3000mm
Max. length 2500mm
Max. Weight 20T

Product Description

The equipment consists of a beam, a column, a base, a grinding head, a tank rolling table, a control cabinet and the like. Suitable for tank φ800mm-3000mm inside and outside polishing, optional tank rolling table load range: 1-20 tons.

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