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High Quality Standard Stainless Steel Seal Dish Mirror Polishing Machine



XYD-2 Dish head polishing machine main for polishing inside and outside of tank.grinding head 4-5.5KW motor,abrasive belt 2540*50mm,and grinding head adpot cylinder floating technology,this model can polish diameter of tank from 400-5000mm,length up to 6000mm,max weight:20tons.                                                       

We have strong engineering team,Our products all Non-Standard Customization,With CE certification,ISO9001:2015

Technical Specification

Specification of polishing machine
Outer dimension 3080*1600*1600mm
Machine weight 3000kgs
Input power 8KW
control system PLC/CNC
Polishing Materials Abrasive belt,Flap wheel,Nylon,Hemp wheel,Cloth wheel
Motor Brand ABB/Siemens/TECO/WN
Electrical components Schneider
VFD Danfoss/Siemens/DELTA
Cylinder AIRTAC

Polishing Ability

Working Range
work pieces size Tank/vessel/cylinder diameter 400-5000mm
max length 6000mm
max weight 20tons
dish end/tank cover diameter 400-5000mm
depth 800-2500mm
max weight 15tons
Materials suitable for stainless steel,aluminium alloy,carbon steel,red copper,etc.
Suface Roughness Ra ≤ 0.2 μm ,mirror finish,hair line…
Product Eifficiency 6-12 square meters per hour

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