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Dish ends polishing machine-3000



Xinyida Industries steel dish ends polishing machine steel surface grinding equipment with CE. The equipment is mainly used for grinding and polishing stainless steel cylinders, cones and heads, and the inner and outer walls of the joint parts.

The dish head grinding machine consists of a cross main machine, a grinding head assembly, a cooling circulation system, an electric control system, and a pneumatic system workpiece turntable.
The workpiece is mounted on the turntable for rotation. The column and the beam are horizontally moved by the servo control beam, and moved up and down. The numerical control program controls the grinding head to follow the contour of the workpiece. Greatly improve grinding efficiency and polishing effect.

Metal polishing is a critical step in the manufacturing process for a variety of products, ranging from car parts to jewelry. While it can be done by hand, using a metal polishing machine can offer significant benefits in terms of efficiency, consistency, and quality.

As a manufacturer, you understand the importance of producing high-quality products that meet the needs and expectations of your customers. Using a metal polishing machine can significantly improve efficiency. Hand polishing can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive process, particularly when it comes to larger or more complex objects. A polishing machine, on the other hand, can complete the process much faster and with less effort. This can increase the throughput of the manufacturing process, enabling manufacturers to produce more products in less time.

Technical Specification

  • Model:XYD-2

  • Working mode: Semi-automatic 

  • Beam move stroke 3000mm(Determine polishing diameter)

  • Polishing belt and wheel can be exchanged.

  • Polishing motor:4 or 5.5kw  Brand: WANNA

  • VFD Brand:zhongchen/DELTA

  • Circuit part:Schneider

Polishing Ability

  • Dished end diameter:400-3000mm

  • Dished end Hight:800mm

  • Dished end weight:optional

  • Dished end shell polishing only

  • Polishing Dished end inside and outside

  • Get matt,bright and mirror finish

  • Efficiency:10-12㎡/h

Product Description

🌎Stainless steel dish ends polishing machine designed by XINYIDA Polishing Machine.
🌏Suitable for Dis end and Pressure Vessel φ800mm-3000mm inside and outside buffing.
      Optional tank rolling table and turntable load range: 1-20 tons.
🌏Tank and Pressure Vessel Finishes.
Highly reflective surface obtained with the the combination of different abrasive belts. Minimal grit lines.
Used where product-contact surfaces are critical. RA Range: <0.2.

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