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CNC dish end polishing machine-1200



Xinyida CNC dish end polishing machine adopts double servo system (double grinding head and polishing is completed continuously, improving the efficiency by more than 30%, and one-button operation is completed), which improves production efficiency and is suitable for batch operation.Advanced technology such as imported pressure sensor, the pressure of the grinding head is automatically constant, no human intervention is required. The pneumatic clamping of the workpiece is automatically centered, which is quick and convenient.
Fully enclosed shield with transparent window for easy viewing. It can be equipped with a dust suction device to reduce environmental pollution.

Using the CNC control system, you can save human resources and time resources. Once you have set up the program, it will work automatically. And the operation can be automatically ended after the polishing is completed.

Technical Specification

Working mode: Fully automatic
CNC system:Siemens/Huazhong /Denver
Move stroke 1000mm(Determine polishing diameter)
Polishing belt and wheel can be exchanged.
Polishing motor:4 or 5.5kw Brand: WANNA
VFD Brand:zhongchen/DELTA/Denver
Circuit part:Schneider

Polishing Ability

Dished end diameter:400-1200mm
Dished end Hight:800mm
Dished end weight:optional
Dished end shell polishing only
Polishing Dished end inside and outside
Get matt,bright and mirror finish

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