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Abrasive Belt Tube Polishing Machine



This polishing machine can be equipped with various polishing consumables, including abrasive belts, wire drawing belts, and wool belts. Different polishing consumables can be replaced according to the surface treatment needs of the outer circle, making the replacement simple and convenient. The polishing can be done directly between 1-70mm, suitable for various complex sizes and diameters of bent pipes

Technical Specification

Machine dimension L*W*H(in: mm): 600*700*1200
Machine weight 160KGS
Input power 3KW
Control system PLC/CNC
Polishing materials Abrasive Belt, Nylon Wheel, Cloth Wheel, Thousand Impeller, and etc.
Machining accuracy surface roughness Ra0.4μm
Producing efficiency 0-10m/min

Product Description

Abrasive Belt Tube Polishing Machine

This machine is designed for straight and curved tube and irregular pipes

  • Max diameter 75mm 
  • No limit for tube length
  • sand belt size:762*25mm
  • Grinding motor power:3kw
  • Adjustable feeding speed
  • Size:600*700*1200mm

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