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3-Axis CNC Tank shell and dish head polishing machinesurface polisher



dish head and tank polishing equipment consists of a beam, a column, a base, a tank grinding head, a grinding head for dished end, a tank rolling table, a dished end rolling table, a control cabinet and other components. Suitable for tank with diameter φ800mm-3000mm, dished end with diameter φ500mm-3000mm inside and outside polishing, optional dished end’s turntable load range: 1-20 tons.

Technical Specification

  • Model:XYD-CNC (JY-CNC)

  • Working mode: Full-automatic

  • Beam move stroke 3500mm(Determine polishing length)

  • Polishing belt and wheel can be exchanged.

  • Polishing motor:4 or 5.5kw  Brand: WANNA

  • VFD Brand:zhongchen/DELTA

  • Circuit part:Schneider

  • Machine color: Grey,Blue,Red,Orange

  • CNC system:Siemens/Huazhong /Denver

Polishing Ability

  • Tank diameter:400-4000mm

  • Tank inside length:800mm

  • Tank outside length:3000mm

  • Tank weight:optional

  • Dished end diameter:500-4000mm

  • Dished end Hight:800mm

  • Dished end weight:optional

  • Both Tank and dished ends polishing

  • Polishing tank shell and dished end inside and outside

    (Tank inside length Max 800mm)

  • Get matt,bright and mirror finish

  • Efficiency:10-12㎡/h

  • Tank and dished end cannot be polished at the same time

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